Problems Previewing Code Canyon

Hi Guys & Gals,

I’m having issues with my account on Envanto, when previewing either themes on TF or javascript addons from CC, when I select Live Preview, I get some form of SSO Token Call Back link in browser url address bar before being returned right back to where I started and no preview. I have changed nothing in my browser (IE 11) and wondered if its something my end or actually an Envanto issue. Can somebody shed some light please and help me fix, I always like to preview prior to purchasing to make sure its what I really want.

Many thanks in advance and hope there is a fix somewhere.

BUMP, anybody help please, cannot preview anything on the Envanto site :frowning:

Since nobody else reported a similar issue (works just fine for me as well), it seems fair to assume that the issue is rather on your end, than on Envato’s. Unfortunately, I have no idea what could be causing it. Are other browser just as affected, or is it just IE?

Thanks for the response Tekanewa, it seems to be an IE thing but I haven’t changed anything anywhere within the browser so completely at a loss as to why there is such a thing as an SSO token call back problem disabling any live previews I wish to look at.

Very odd indeed and no idea where to start to look within the IE browser

Try clearing the browser cookies.

@jacobbednarz might know if this is related to the hosting move

@MickKnight I’ve spun up a windows VM running IE 11 and I’m unable to replicate the issue you are seeing. I’d recommend:

We don’t have the concept of logged in users on the preview subdomains so browsing directly to it shouldn’t cause any issues as a anonymous user (incognito, etc).

I’d also recommend in future logging a support ticket which will get you a staff reply faster and direct escalation if needed.

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Many thanks for the information guys, will follow jacobbednarz recipe and hope that clears my problem

Cheers :wink: