Problems in vertical align of headlines using applauz theme

Hi there, I’m using the Applauz theme and l like it but I have a problem with vertical alignment of headlines within a slider. I’ve created a:
slider > slider item > row > inner column (vertical align) > headline > vertical align middle

But the headline doesn’t show up in the middle evene if I have chosen vertically aligned.
I have different sliders with different headlines and none of them is in the middle (vertical). If I add another “seperator” above and one below the page is not very responsive on MacBook Air in comparison to 27" Screen in comparison to mobile devices like iPad and/or iPhone

see page:
pw: coinvest

Thanks for any idea why this happens and how to solve the problem. Thanks


Please submit a ticket at our support site - and our support team will be glad to assist you.

Thanks in advance.

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BoldThemes team

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