Problems in adding new item (submenu) into main menu

I am trying to add a submenu to my website but I cannot get it to appear in the main menu of the Desktop, however, in the mobile phone menu the submenu is there.
Can you please help me to solve this problem?
menu: Loja Online
the menu that is created but does not appear on the main menu:
Têxteis ---- camisolas
------ t-shirts.

Susana Caetano

please check wp-admin Dashboard
Appearance => Menus
Hope there you will get 2 menus list one for Desktop and one for mobile.
You have to set submenus from Appearance => Menus


hi, thanks for your answer but i’m using joomla not wordpress.
Any help in joomla?

Oh! my bad. I thought it is about wp theme.
Please check your menu modules. May be there are 2 menu modules one for Desktop and one for mobile. and you have added submenus only for mobile menus. In short you have to setup menus through modules you used for menu.


The point here is that I was able to insert submenus into the main menu but only by editing / changing the names of those who came with the template. When I try to insert a new one, it does not appear. And it’s not because of the column limit because I’ve already “hidden” one of the submenus and the new one still doesn’t appear…

this is driving me crazy :slight_smile:
website: see the main menu LOJA ONLINE

I think better contact the purchased item/template author.
How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query: