Problems importing slider templates in to revolution slider



I purchased Revolution Slider a couple of days ago and I am having some weird problems. The main one is I am trying to import two different templates, one - photography carousel comes up with this message

“downloading template slider from server…no custom animations found, if slider uses custom animations, the provided export may be broken…dynamic styles imported!”

and never shows up in the list of templates. But when I go back to the same template it now says installed (reinstalling does the same thing). The second template I am trying does the same thing or simply brings up our site demo page and says not available. Either way it never installs. Some other templates do install…but I really like these two. I can’t figure out what is happening… suggestions?



Here is their support information for they have listed under their support tab.
Hope that helps!


Thank you very much. Appreciate it.


Your welcome :slight_smile: