Problems and how to improve before resubmit [Hard Rejected] HTML Template


My first submitted item HTML Template on Themeforest is hard rejected.

Here is the demo link:

Can you please help me by providing your valuable opinion about the current problems and improvements I can make?

I got one problem after submission but as submitted by that time I couldn’t fix it. The problem is that the site is shrinking and expanding automatically in smartphones.

Thanks in advance!

Avoidable validation issues that need fixing

The animated logo thing does not really work

Animated spinning nav i not really suitable for this type/topic of template

Typography needs work throughout especially the titles and consistency

Having the same image/info for all bridesmaids and groomsmen appears lazy

Avoid using big brands logos

Thank you very much for your detail opinion. This is really very much helpful. But I need to discuss some points to you if you have time. Can I contact to you through email please or as you prefer ?

Please keep other queries on this thread - always best to get the most opinions

By the way you have several issues on mobile with Nav, alignment, type etc

Ok, as you want. Thank you for quick reply!

My queries are related to your first comment actually. I am describing below: -

  • Avoidable validation issues that need fixing — I have checked my html and css code again and in html file I found some warning regarding the section (suggested to place h1-h6 tag below each section) then in the css file I found some errors + warnings for using the @ rule (like -webkit, -moz, -ms, -o) but I think I need to use those.

  • The animated logo thing does not really work — Did you mean that it looked bad or it was not animating? I have checked and it was animating. I thought you said it was not looking good that’s why I have changed the logo now from animation to just name.

  • Animated spinning nav i not really suitable for this type/topic of template — Now I have removed the spinning animation from the icons. But did you also mean the hover effect on the navigation or only the icon animation?

  • Typography needs work throughout especially the titles and consistency — Can you please give me more direction for editing Typography ? I know I have problem on this issue but don’t understand even what can be best solution. :smile: Also I don’t understand what you wanted to mean by consistency?

  • Avoid using big brands logos — Actually I checked some templates on this category and I saw that they used these logos that’s why I have used those. If you prefer I don’t use those which logos can I use?

Regarding the nav actually I am working on this issue now. Please check the nav now and I think now it looks good. Let me know your opinion.

This is a large reply :smile: I am waiting for your great help.

Thank you so much again!

WThe logo animated but it feels a bit strange on a wedding site and like an unnecessary attempt at adding features.

The spinning thing (can’t check at momen cos on my phone only) again works but it’s not really suitable for a wedding site.

The mobile Nav still opens to the right of the screen on my phone with a lot of white space to the left. It would be better centrally aligned or to fill the left space with something useful as the emptiness just feels broken.

Logos - people use them but technically speaking they are still against the rules and grounds for rejection.

On mobile. The program stuff element is all over the pace and the countdown broken into two lines, preloadeder is not central, some elements not responding properly e.g. Wedding date and address heart image, Polaroid gallery is off Center etc.

The issues with typography are hard to be specific on as it is generally across the site. There’s quite a lack of hierarchy, font choices are not ideal in places and quite out dated.

The section heading font choices are perhaps not creative enough (compared to the rest of the design)

The program, address etc. bold titles are very aggressive and don’t really fit with the rest of the site.

The thank you and save the date texts are far too big

This is a great help and learning for me. This is really appreciable. Thanks!

I will make a comment after updating.