Hello everyone & envato team

i want to help me how can i remove the taxes because i sold a item with 6 $ and I only earned 1,72 $

Thanks a lot for helping me , Have a great day .

You can’t just remove the taxes. This would be the every author’s dream. Impossible dream :slight_smile:

Unless you come from a royal family or already are a billionaire, then you have to pay taxes like normal mortal people :slight_smile:

Have you filled in your tax details correctly?

Yes, you can’t get rid of them completely, but you can reduce the withheld amount. To do so you’ll need to submit a W-8 form to avoid 28% withheld on all sales, but you’ll still have either 30% or 10% withheld on US sales only.

You live in Morocco as I can see, so if you provide a Tax ID Number with your W-8 form, then you’ll have the 10% withheld on US sales only, if you aren’t able or won’t provide a number, then you’ll have 30% withheld on US sales.