Problem WordPress Theme Bridge (New demo - Green Market) black screen

Hello, I would like you to help me solve a problem on my website Bridge (green market) because I do not understand what is happening.
The bug only happens with my computer, I have a mac and I use Safari.
At the very beginning when I downloaded the theme, without the plugins, I had a bad presentation with lines that were displayed

But with Google Chrome and Firefox the screen is black .
And by adding the plugins, the problem remained so I deleted the site and a colleague of mine did it again (with google chrome).
However, this morning I logged in as administrator and I corrected mistakes, pressing “update” the problem came back and everything planted …
It may be my search engine, I do not know, please help me!

Hi this is the general marketplace forums. Your best of asking the theme author: Quode

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REQUIRED: This theme doesn’t seem to display tags. Modify it to display tags in appropriate locations.

Unknown error. How to fixed it.

Hi, it seems that you are not installing all required plugins in your case Visual Composer , check if it is installed and activated ? I would suggest to first contact the original author , or hire a freelancer to help you - we can provide this kind of service here -


FastWP Team.