problem with visual composer and vellum theme

to start frankly: I am pretty pissed off by the following problem: overnight the visual composer on my vellum theme dissapeared. vanished, lost and my customer trumped on me. writing to viual composer, I got the following notice:

“The product license at your end is disabled by the theme author using vc_set_as_theme and hence it is not available at your end. You can get in touch with him and get rid of the above code from the theme to get it back. Once done, you can activate the license as per …”

not very helpful. I bought two vellums and three visual composer during the last 12 months or so - and I only use one. nevertheless looking for help, I was asked to renew my support ticket for another 53 bucks.

anybody has any idea, how to get out of this sisyphos gap?

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You can purchase the bug fix service if you’re interested in.