Problem with using a jQuery script with IP.Board


I am new to using these forums, so please bear with me and the issue I currently have.

I got a contact form on CC and wanted to use it with IP.Board. Okay, it sounds straight forward, but I hit an issue. The Contact form script uses jQuery, and IP.Board uses Prototype therefore I have a conflict between them both working at the same time.

I have tried implementing jQuery.noConflict, but my knowledge of doing this correctly is limited.

I did try changing all values of $ to jQuery, this worked, but only on certain pages which were not calling Prototype. So, now I am stuck, I have asked over on IPS but got no answers - and the searches I did, make out to people not to use jQuery with IP.Board, especially if you are using jQuery numerous times. So, they tend to be biased to Prototype which is understandable considering their main script uses it.

The actual script I am trying to implement is this months free file on CC called FlexiContact. I tried it on a standard HTML page and it worked fine, but it is trying to get the jQuery.noConflict to work correctly so I can use it in IP.Board with Prototype which is the problem.

I did purchase a jQuery slider last week, but got that working with noConflict quite easily, so I know it can be done, it’s just knowing how in my case. I was told perhaps your other jQuery script is causing the issue, so I removed it temporarily, but this made no difference to FlexiContact working correctly.

Any help on this would be most welcome and appreciated.


Can you share a link to your project so we could check the errors in the browser console? You can check it on your own, maybe it will give you some directions…