Problem with typography automatically changed (and cant be restored) Crypton Theme

Hello I have the Crypton theme and suddenly without updating any plugins or the theme, all the typography is now in bold.

In the morning it worked fine and in the afternoon it did not. When trying to customize the font the values are fine but is displayed incorrectly, if I change it to another vaule it changes and when put back the value I had before it looks good, but when save it, on the web it looks bad again if I refresh the customization page again (also cleared caché and those things).

Just in case I have tried to update all the plugins and still does not work correctly, all the texts are seen in bold (I think it is the attribute ‘weight’), and analyzing the CSS I do not see that there is nothing overwriting it. But it looks like something overrides the typography.

I attach several screenshots. The first one shows all the text as bold and on the left you can see that the Font Variant (Body) is set to ‘Regular’ (but it is not on the web), in the second screenshot I set it to ‘Italic’ and you will see that everything is set to italic, in the third one I set it back to ‘Regular’ and you can see the normal text as it should be. But when I update, everything is still in bold (fourth image). I attach some more pages of the web so that you can see that everything is in bold.

Other link of the images:


Please contact the author of the theme, the author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


If someone has the same error, the author confirmed is a known bug from Google Fonts:

We’re aware of this bug, and this is because of the recent changes in Google Fonts API. This issue is actively discussed here Major issue - Kirki Fonts not working (woff files not being rendered) · Issue #2524 · themeum/kirki · GitHub

Once the Kirki plugin fixes the issue, it should be resolved.

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