problem with the Proton theme for my graphic design website (thanks)

Hello everybody,
if someone can kindly give me some help again.

I am working on my site uploaded to the FTP server.

but also if I follow some indications
given by support Envanto some things do not come back in right way.

I attach the link of my site
which is in the works
and some things have fake text.

if you see the home page, unfortunately
I can’t link the pages of the porfolio on home page,
but three photos are appase, but if I click on them they do not connect
with their pages from the portfolio

can you give me some help? thank you so much.

One more thing, when I write the text in the table
page, if you see correctly, it does not put the correct spaces between the blocks of text
as they are put in the example page of the Proton site

He does everything by himself and does not allow me to give
spaces … very strange.

Thank you so much if anyone gives me advice

all the best,

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