Problem with the price variations per hour of the tours

When I select the tour I want to hire, I have the option to take an hour for € 39 / person or two hours for € 59 / person, but after having created the attributes with their respective prices, the calculations are not correctly made when changing hour to two hours. In this specific case there is a minimum of people (5) and a maximum (8) to hire the tour. It has not been possible that by increasing or decreasing the number of people and / or changing the option from one hour to two hours, for example, the calculation is erroneous. I require your help to solve this problem. Thank you.

A greeting

Sorry, I forgot to inform that my staff is Travelwp and that I have the problem in products: Tours.

I attach images that show the problem

Hey there mate, and welcome to the Envato Forums. You’ll have to ask this question on the Item Comments Section of TravelWP and the author will assist you there.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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