Problem with Team Review

Hear, hear! Totally agree with everything you just said. The problem with hard rejects is that some authors are afraid to look at something they’ve created with a critical eye. I mean, you have to be able to look at your own work - even if it took you 3 months to create - and say: “No this still sucks and it isn’t a high quality item yet, I have to do better.” I know it’s hard to do but it’s the only way you’ll get better.

Some of these hard rejected authors ‘disagree’ with valuable feedback they receive on the forums and then get angry at the person giving the feedback. They then try to come up with reasons why their item shouldn’t be rejected, which is silly. So that is why I now refrain from giving feedback on these hard rejections.

Yeah this community has come a long way. :pensive:

no one has ever said the opposit , it basically depends on your skills and many other things …but what is sure is that guys put a lot of care in what they do .

As for what u said, just for your information, this is already what all guys do. I know no guy at all who is not working to embetter and offer as good products as they can possibly do … .

If what u said was true for so many, then i guess that we could not see the “demand” of standard raising that some guys are aspiring to … . I also cannot identify that we are asked to get to reach the next level of the time and that reviewing is roofed and that all accept that it comes to a standstill when this is not perfect.

If u want guys to end complaining about rejections, i also suggest that they just select talented and experienced designers / end as u use to say …
besides, if they do so, no need for quality control anymore!

the problem is that for many reasons , they have chosen to do the other way around and that what makes envato N°1 and not N°2 like their main competitor because they have chosen to have much choice, tons of different styles, a lot of traffic on the website brought by a maelstrom of guys and so on and so forth. U cannot have it all and get the pros of a system with having the cons too , so u ave to accept them too …

This is not the case, because there was a time where they rejected any 4K project because the don’t have prices for this type of product and peoples wait about 15 do 25 days to get beatufil message your product was hard rejected = extreme good project was rejected and you don’t get any message why :smiley:

In our opinion if any business company take 50% of your ernings at the begining and do not write you what is wrong when you get rejected is OUT OFF ANY STANDARD - if you take big money you have to support.

Second things is that word “better work” is a relative word because each person perceives beauty differently. Something for one is the best of the best for another is not acceptable and that is why customers should decide because they buy - this is basic marketing rule: if we check market we can see that the best product don’t have the best sales.

Enough with this subjectivity nonsense. Subjectivity doesn’t apply to your project. I can break it down and pinpoint exactly why it was rejected. If you’ve been long enough on this marketplace you figure out a formula on how to get items accepted 100% of the time, or am i just lucky that i didn’t get caught up in this unfair environment? Stop wasting time with dumb threads and make BETTER projects

Closing topic as it has gone off topic and becoming personal.

If you genuinely feel your file was wrongfully reviewed you can still contact support who will look at it.