Problem with support of thema Alithemes


I bought a Timenews( theme from Author Alithemes, I’ve been having problems with your support for weeks, I’ve opened a call with them, and so far I have not received any feedback. So I came across this forum to ask your help to mediate with Alitheme to solve my problem. Follow the description:

When upgrading the Timenews theme to version 2.2, the “Quick Translater” option has disappeared. How do I return this option and translate the site? Below is the image link. And the other link is from the documentation, showing that you have the option but it does not appear to me.

And also the Slideshow Widget, this is appearing other categories than the one I selected to filter.

I need you to help me, what do I need to solve these two problems?

Thanks in advance for your attention and I’m waiting for a solution.