Problem with Sales

Hi , i have real problem with sales , one month ago i have 20sales/month , but this month i just have 2 sales , i dont understand why , whats happened !?

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0 Sales bro :cry:

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It’s the new search algorithms update buddy, i was selling about 40-50/ month, now 80% dropped. :neutral_face:

Hope they get back the old search system :slight_smile:


i to hope for the same :frowning: because i working only for videohive :frowning:

It’s slow for most people right now, it’s not just you. Be patient.

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It might be the Google Algo update that just went into effect. It has effected many businesses, but actually in a good way. I am the owner of a car shipping website and it effected my site and I did some searching as to what it was because I started getting more visitors and quotes from my website. Me being nosey I wanted to know why there was a sudden jump.

I would check out ahrefs and see what kind of links your competition has and start doing some quality link building. It has helped me out tremendously.

Just a suggestion. Hope it helps.

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Google Change Search algorithm again?

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same here 17 in december … 2 for now pff

i feel so much sad :frowning:

Yes. Google announced there was an update, but hasn’t confirmed if it is a Panda update or not. SEO experts keep going back and forth about what kind of update happened with both sides having good points.

It seems that Google has made Panda part of its core algorithm. It will update good/bad websites more often which has its pros and cons. Say your website got knocked down because of a penalty or whatever… the time frame to clean up the mess and rank again is shorter. It used to be 6-9 months before another major update and then you could gain rank again, but with this it may speed it up like within the month or so.

Because Google keeps getting smarter it is always best to have a super clean website with the proper internal linking and keyword density, etc… Then have authority websites linking back to your site. I suggested the ahrefs site because you can see your competitors links and you can see how “authoritative” the link/website it.


I could talk to a SEO partner and it seems that google is playing artificial intelligence “RankBrain” in this new update. All this is causing a real cataclysm, we hope that you will soon see it. For now there are lots of web falling in the ranking of unusual shape. :scream:

Believe or not on Ebay Forum Sales Dropped

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Hope soon everyhthink will good :slightly_smiling:

in Jan all graphics down:

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