Problem with resubmitting the product

Dear all,

I have a problem with resubmitting my product. When I have changed the name, the files and click the submit button, I received this message.

Something went wrong

It looks like something went wrong on the page you were accessing. Our development team will be notified of the issue automatically, however if you require assistance please contact the help team who will be happy to aid you.


Sorry about all of this. Here’s a link back to what you were doing before this happened.

What could I do?

Thank you.

may I know why you need to change the name!

I have changed the name because the reviewer tell that the name of product must be unique, and the my last one is a quite common.

Oh! got it. Actually this error should not display. Please clear browser cacahe and upload all files as like preview image, screenshots, main .zip and submit. Please noted that as you changed the title then all old title should be replaced from every place in your submit (even in documentation also). Thanks

I have cleared cache and try with others browser (firefox, edge, chrome), and still receive this error. I have tried to not change the name with no luck. So could you give me the advice? Thanks

Out of iterest are you going to resubmit by clicking direct link as like from email or trying to resubmit your Item going through Dashboard then Hidden Tabs and edit the Item (soft rejected).

I have rebmit by go to Dashboard => Hidden item tab => edit tab => Update Item & Tag as before. But this time is not woking.

so sad! in this case my opinion please Contact Support and let them know with screenshots. Thanks

Thank you. I greatly appreciate your help.

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