Problem with related products Auros - Furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme

I wonder if anyone can help please?
I’m experiencing 2 issues with my theme “Furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme”
I’m using the these with Woo commerce.
These issues only happen when using GOOGLE CHROME
No issues when using Safari.
The issues are:

  1. Often the main image of a product does not load. If the page is refreshed it then loads correctly.
  2. Variable “Related Products” do not display properly unerneath the main product on a product page. It shows the related products but variable products are crossed out indicating that all variations are out of stock. Again if the page is refreshed it corrects itself. (Link to example page of issue) Polypropylene Chairs | Plastic Stacking Chairs | Tiger Furniture

It’s sriving me mad! Can anybody please help? Is this a know issue? If I can’t fix it I’m going over to Shopwired.