Problem with redart demo-content

Yesterday I tried to make an update with Redart. I wanted to upload the update via ftp to my provider and received the following email from them.

An attempt was made to upload a virus to your account xyzzzzz. The system prevented this upload. A short excerpt from the log file with the corresponding IP address:

Aug 14 12:15:28 dd2616 proftpd [6410]: ( []) - USER xyzzzzz: Login successful.

Aug 14 12:41:30 dd2616 proftpd [6410]: ( []) - mod_clamav / 0.14rc2: Virus’ js_obfus_moo_1.UNOFFICIAL ‘found in’ / www / htdocs / w00f9494 / DealMyArt / wp-content / themes / redart / demo-content / redart / database.json.txt ’


Can you please fix this problem and let me know if there is a demo content without a virus?

Many thanks in advance