Problem with preview file update :(

Hi, community! I got soft reject and reviewer asked me to update preview. I updated my preview file but than got soft reject with same reason. I updated it again and deside to chek it. But when I listened preview at “hidden item section” I hear old version. Seems like preview file didn’t updated by new version. Have someone same problem? And what I need to do?

You have to wait for AJ to review updated preview, check your "dashboard"s section right side under “currently processing uploads”…should see your preview resubmitted waiting for review, just make sure when you resubmit your preview you also submit the Avatar logo and main files again along with it to avoid further wait time.

Hi @LuckyBlackCat! Maybe you forgot attach a new preview - file when you uploaded it? I made kind of mistake once and got another one soft rejected :slight_smile:

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