Problem with play music after update FlashPlayer


Hi Guys, after update flashplayer I can’t play any music on AJ do you have similar problem?


Yes!. Half and hour ago I updated and same problem.


Ufff. not that you have the same problem :))) but I was thinking that my Laptop crashed:D and I can’;t find where is a problem. maybe some wise will find out how this problem fix


I have this black player everywhere:


Music player not functioning for me either. And I haven’t updated my flash player as far as I know.


All of us, right now. :joy:


Same problem here
Didn’t update anything.
It seems that it’s again something wrong with site.


Same problem here…


Whole site is going haywire


This is really,really bad.
I just hope Envato will fix it in few hours like they did when the search engine broke few days ago.


Time for beers! :beers:


yeah:) still doesn’t work only popular files and features is good


Search is unavailable