Problem with Payoneer India


This month, I received fund to Payoneer but it says like this.

I contacted the banker, he told me that the bank did not receive any transfer request from Payoneer. So I have to ask Payoneer. There is no return of money in status. Really I am tired of contacting Payoneer support. I contacted them via email - no response, via phone - nobody is responsing, no contact address.

Note: I have received money from paypal, payoneer to my bank already. It happened first time now.

Dose anybody know the effective way of contacting them? My current status is “do not know where is my money”

Please help.


Payoneer has a live chat support. Try their live chat.

No use. Chat is not available due to heavy traffic.

I read “Nissim_Payoneer” replies in some posts. But I am unable to contact him via this Forum. Is there any way to contact him.


You have to wait in queue for the chat. I am sure you will be connected. If you can’t, try contacting them through by creating a topic on the official Payoneer forums.

Please check daily 9am to 6pm hopefully you will get a chance to chat with them.

Thank you janxcode_team and crelegant. Will try today.