Problem with my support period / ¿Account Sync problem?

I write you because when I have contacted with an Phlox theme technical support, the said that my support period “has expired” but I bought the licence a few weeks before, so I don’t what’s the problem or if I used another diffrente licence in the my theme. I added you my licence recently bought for my domain

They answer me again that “Regarding the license, I can see that you have only one license under the “galerna” username in the Envato market. I’m not sure but I think you have purchased the new license using another username or email address. Anyway, only one license is showing on your profile page here at Averta support service. If you think that’s not the case or something is not making sense, please let me know.”…

But I have purchased my lastest licence with my Galerna username and I use my last licence bought a few weeks before to my new website, so I don’t know why you tell me that the licence has expired.

More important, my lastest Phlox licence is in my account (“Galerna”) and appears as the lastest buy with 5 months yet of support.

So, what’s the problem and why the said me that my support period is over if I have been using the last licence I bought?

In their last mail, they tell me “Please try the Sync by Envato button on your license page and see if your new licenses are listed under your purchased licenses.”??

How I have to sync my account and for what if I have told you, my lastest Phlox licence show that I have 5 months period support at the moment?

Tha’ts all, I’ll be waiting your response.


Contact them with the proof of the purchase/date and time so they can check it for you.


I contacted them few days ago and I sent the licence txt of my last buy.

But they answered me insisting in “sync” my account. I could send you the access to the admin ticket panel support of Averta to check this.

I never have before this kind of problem with any other theme support or with the licence time that clearly indicates in my last buy that I have five months remain.

So, what can I do to they confirm me the support period licence has 5 months yet?


PD : (I am having many troubles with its technical support, the answer the tickets several days from the creation of the ticket)

Contact Envato support or request a refund for the “support”