Problem with linking from separate page menu to one-page section

I’m using latest version of Avada (3.9.2)

on my webpage I’m using such configuration:

  • homepage as a ‘onepage’ (with sticky menu bar)
  • couple of other pages (called “Oferta”, “Blog”) as separate sub-pages (with sticky menu bar)

On home-page I use onepage menu which scrolls down to sections. Here everything works as expected. Printscreen shows proper scroll position for “Oferta” section: Sticky menu bar is placed just before header “Oferta”

On other pages I use menu which looks the same but redirects to homepage and also scrolls to one-page section. However, this doesn’t work correctly. For example, if I click “Oferta” button in top menu it redirects me to homepage but page is not scrolling to right position. It looks like the scroll position doesn’t take sticky menu height. Sticky menu bar is placed on header “Oferta” (covers it and section header is invisible). You can observe this situation on this printscreen

I tried this in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari (under Windows 10). Sometimes to reproduce this (especially in chrome) I need to repeat operation couple times. But finally result is always the same - one-page is scrolled to wrong position.

I would be grateful for any tips on how to deal with it.

Follow these steps to chat to the author. They have excellent support.