Problem with item listing

My item was approved and published but is not showing in the main result layout in the category of print templates. Can you please let me know why that is?

Approved a couple of hours ago and It’s on page #3 already. What a competitive category!

Good luck with your item!

Thank you very much, but to me it still is not showing

It seems like items are indexed slightly different for each person as you can see if you compare my screenshot with yours. Check pages #2, #4, #5 and #6 (most likely it’s on the 4th one).

I checked pages #1 to #10 and nowhere does it

OK, can you see it here ? and if you search for your item, does it appear?

I see it here,thank you so much :slight_smile:,but i would like to know wich problem is with appearing in the main result layout in the category of print templates.

It’s quite hard for me to guess with limited knowledge of what’s going on on your end. If I were you I’d try if I could see it in incognito mode or try checking with another browser or another device. There are many things to do to know what causes the problem.

Ok, Thank you so much :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I’m hoping you get this sorted out very soon. :smile:

hi @miciana1417i recommend that u empty the cache of your browser or that u try to visit your portfolio from a browser that u do not usually use to check if this is the same , in my case i could see your item in your item list so that should be ok , this is very unlikely a technical problem indeed

I tried everything, but still I do not see it. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

then u should try to contact the help center …