Problem with Google console and PrestaShop template

First of all, I apologize for my English, I am from Poland
I recently purchased a template for PrestaShop
Kidplaza - Baby & Kids Store. I used the standard one and Google showed no errors. I replaced it with a purchased template, but I didn’t check Google with the console. My website visits dropped and I decided to see why. And I was shocked that all the products were not added to Google because of the Must specify “price” or “priceSpecification.price” error and a lot of non-critical errors that were not there before. I change back to the classic template and it’s OK. Money wasted, and the template was supposed to be compatible, but with what?

This is what the result looks like on the classic

Please help
Thank you.

Have you tried to contact the item author for the support?

No, I didn’t write. I’m writing on the seller’s forum. I’m not going to the car manufacturer, but to the seller, because he sold me a broken product. The money came from me, Evanto, not the author. I’m writing now. There was another problem with this template once, they asked me to provide the password to the account, which is probably a bit of an exaggeration. I was looking for help and then found it on another forum. thank you for your reply

Forum is general purposes but not for item support. You need to contact the item author to get your issue solved.