Problem with Expression Universalizer!


I can not understand what the problem is in my project.
Help Please.
I made graphic and use font Avanti. When i use Expression Universalizer I got a problem (look screen). Then I replace font to Arial. Reboot AE and nothing help.
I apply this script for the first time, maybe I’m doing something wrong?


Ben is the Script Guru, I hope he is here somewhere around, he will help you.

P.S. Did you try to pre-install your fonts? (Reboot PC)


You haven’t actually explained what the problem is. Is the expression in the screenshot not getting universalized, or does the script hang / stop running? What’s actually the issue?


1.I delete Avanti font.
Start script - look on the screen.

Maybe problem is the same names?I don’t know.
2.I rename Numbers effect on Color Controller layer.

3.Layer 27

Stroke color was universalized,
Fill color - not.


As far as i know you are not suppose to rename any of the effects before you run the Script.
You can rename the effects after running the script.


Oh, I didn’t know that.
I rename all used effects in project. If VProxy are right, it explains everything!
I made double wokr)). Not good for me.


I’m not sure to be honest, I’d get in touch with about that one. There was an issue with not being able to universalize effects with custom names, but there have been a few versions since I last used it.

Personally, whenever I link an effect slider, I give it a custom name and change what’s in the last brackets to 1… universalized! :slight_smile:

thisComp.layer(“blah”).effect(“my custom slider name”)(“Slider”);


thisComp.layer(“blah”).effect(“my custom slider name”)(1);

or if you’re feeling really thorough…

thisComp.layer(“blah”).effect(“my custom slider name”)(1).value;


I solved the problem!!!
My problem was in the same names.

As you can see from images I had problems with Fill & Stroke parameters

After renamed effects from this:
I can universalize my expressions successfully!