Problem with envato.

Hello. I have a problem with Envato. I’ve achieved sales of 20,000 on ThemeForest despite my Paranoid Schizophrenia. But ever since Envato found out about my condition, they don’t want to accept my templates anymore. Here’s an example of my template that once was successful: Fastor - Multipurpose Responsive Opencart Theme by tiquet | ThemeForest. Do you think it makes sense to write to Envato again or hope that someone will help me change Envato’s mind?

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You have 5406 sales on your account currently and “Fastor” is not your theme.
Your message doesn’t make any sense, first of all.

Fastor is mine. This is account of web designer.

As I mentioned, I have paranoid schizophrenia, so some of my statements may be chaotic, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have a talent for templates.

Your last OpenCart theme is from 2020 and lots of things changed since then. In most cases, it’s normal that you get the rejection but if you prefer to share the recent work(s), I may suggest few more things.

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Any suggestion?

You are an exclusive author - if these items are for sale elsewhere then it would be immediately rejected


These items I want add as non-exclusive.

Firstly, templates are rejected due to poor quality, and secondly, I wait 15 days for the first feedback, so 15 days * 45 templates = 675 days. It’s not worth the candle. And I as wrote: These items I want add as non-exclusive…

It doesn’t work that way - you need to have a separate account which is non exclusive. If you were submitting them from this account (or any other exclusive one) then that definitely would have been an issue.

The quality rejection is generic hard rejection and could relate to various different reasons.

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I added these themes under new account which is non-exclusive.

I am not stupid as you think.

I understand that people want to be considerate of those with schizophrenia, but this is simply discrimination. I’ll consider whether to file a lawsuit.

Based on? If you check the terms and policy, you accepted everything anyway.
Apart from that, it’s hard to make comments for the whole “portfolio” if you’d like to share the latest item ( with the submission date ) I don’t mind to check it.

Envato refusing to accept my templates solely because of my illness is indeed discrimination.

It’s not gonna work that way. They reject the items due to quality and standards

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I’m not expert for “OpenCart” category but the theme seems like a classic one that could be found “similar” on the marketplace. Either you may need to add “options/variants” for homepage/product pages, etc or find a better idea.

If it was 2020/2021, I don’t think you’d get rejection but for 2024, design standard has been changed/increased.

Do you think this theme is better? This is opencart category. Not wordpress category.