Problem with envato plugin

Whenever i insert a template ,it show 3 times in the original page . getting issues with plugin .

Please can you share a screenshot of the issue! which plugin do you mean? is it envato market plugin for getting auto update features?

One template 3 times . Check

envato elements plugin

may be somehow same page content repeat 3 times. please check and edit the page if repeat then remove the extra content. I think you can mange it by clicking ‘Edit with Elementor’ at top header. Thanks

in Elementor , it is only showing one time.

this is happening for each page/post or only for homepage! have you edit or customize any theme files? or do yu think any specific plugin doing this (please share the plugin title/url). from where you received/dwnload the theme and theme bundle plugins?

Envato Elements Plugin

Envato Elements Plugin don’t do this type of job. Envato Elements Plugin use to verify Envato Elements subscriber.

If you mean template kit importer plugin then You can check the following tutorial:

Create Websites Fast With the Elements Plugin for WordPress