Problem with envato API

i notice that new envato api returning wrong response.
i try to access my own email, but i get another people email instead
try to access right here :!/market/Email

is this only me who having problem or other also have this problem?

Could be related to the other thread about people seeing other people’s earnings in their statements.

same here :smile:
I got sales data from a different user as well!

Seems all /private/user/* endpoints get data from someone else. What a mess!

Noticing the same problem. In our custom sales tracker app, we’re seeing someone else’s sales data.

Like @revaxarts said, it seems only /private/user/* is affected. The rest appears to be working fine.

I’ve also a problem, I can see the badges, earnings, followers, name of other authors, and now I can’t access to the API.

I also started to create a new project using the new API, and din’t get why when I’m trying to get my private date I can get other user private date, like name, earnings, balance, emails etc.

Hey everyone, I’ve posted a response to this here. We’re aware of this problem and is working on fixing it. Thanks for your patience!

I’ve posted another response. The TL;DR is that the API should be functioning normally now and that we’re very sorry about this problem.