Problem with Captcha code

For each download, I want to confirm the Captcha code.
Why? This is very annoying.

Once I have confirmed the CAPTCHA code once, I do not need to re-approve it for download.

Please check and fix the problem.

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Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

Envato Element Help Center: Here

They would like to assist you to solved your issue.



Captcha verification is default behavior in Envato Elements when you will go to download any Item. I think it can’t be as you need but you can check it out with Elements Support.
Submit a Support Ticket ay Elements:
Elements Support

They will be very happy to assist you.


I did submit a ticket but no reply yet.

I am not using any bots to download these files, I am doing it all by hand.

After 200 downloads. The CAPCHA code asks you whenever you want to download !!! Any download should have a captcha image! It’s so bad.

When I’m not a robot, I do not have to show the code.

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Hi mate,

Keep patience hope they will reply to you soon.
Lot’s of purchasers, author are getting touch for customer support everyday they replied one by one.
No worry about that, that is their responsibility.



I can understand your concern hope Elements will think about it. and they will make if possible within current features Captcha approval will show one/first time for registered and approved Customer during download any Item.


I did submit a ticket but no reply yet

Keep patience hope they will reply to you soon cause everyday lot’s of ticket creating for support they will check one by one.

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