Problem with buyer and AdRev

The buyer bought two of my tracks. These tracks are registered in Adrev, about it is written in the description of files.
For the unclear reasons, the buyer had problems with Adrev, he received the message that its license is invalid.
He gave a mark to my tracks “one star”, and the third day he floods at me in comments with the message:

WARNING: This author uses AdRev. Even if you pay for this song and use it on YouTube it will be marked as a copyright violation and they will put their adds on your content even without first checking to see if you have a valid license. I have had the same video flagged twice in two months. (Also I had posted this comment earlier and the author and/or audiojungle seemed to have removed it). This is just a warning to anyone planning to use any of this artists work on YouTube. To avoid this be sure to purchase music that is not marked with Content ID and the author does not use AdRev. Do a google search on “AdRev false copyright claims” for more information.

And here

The buyer doesn’t ask to help to remove the conflict, and simply writes and writes the indignant comments.
How it is correct to work in this situation?

Sorry to hear that, Flint. I recommend you contact support about it. Issues like this (and one not long ago) have been resolved without too much hassle by doing so.

Some buyers don’t understand why AdRev is used, and a lot of the time they aren’t prepared to find out either. Comments like that aren’t acceptable and can really do damage. Hopefully this will be resolved.


Thank you for advice, James!

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You’re welcome! Good luck with resolving the issue!

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I’ve had a few of these myself over the years, which strangely were almost exact copies of the one you’ve received (same person?). Support should be able to retract the rating and I’d recommend flagging the comment, as is unnecessarily inflammatory.

Even though most modern day YouTube users are aware of the process when monetizing their videos with copyrighted content, there’s still a vocal minority that feel so entitled that they need to make a song and dance about it.


Hi there, Alumo. I flagging several comments, but buyer write it again and again. Maybe he has a lot of free time. =)

Sad to see someone trying so hard to cause problems. Hope you get it resolved soon Dirtyflint, agree that you should keep flagging the comments for staff to remove, hopefully he / she will get their wrists slapped by support for being a PITA.


If they do, they’d end up wanting to list the song with AdRev :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! :joy:

I realized one thing here. It is very troublesome to have a registered adrev track with 4000 sales. :anguished: Because so many buyers there are different … :unamused: But the truth must prevail! Good luck!

That’s unfortunate !! I think the “buying public” needs to be “educated” about how they are getting professionally produced music from some amazing “top notch” authors here on AJ all for an incredible price of only $19. Ask your
client to call a professional producer / production company like yourself and get a “quote” for producing a song. I
think your client should have given you the benefit of the doubt and allowed you to “HELP” resolve the problem. If it
were left up to me I would require every customer go through the process of “registering” there final project with the
author for his / her records. Some People ! Flint, you are one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met on AJ and I’m really sorry
you’ve run across this customer that appears to be ungrateful and unappreciative of your HARD WORK !! Cream rises!
Poop Sinks! Keep rolling !! Best of Luck !

Everything ended. Today from the buyer new messages aren’t present. I hope, the buyer calmed down. :smile:
Thanks for support, guys!

P.S. “One star” ranking stayed. But it’s not a big problem.