problem with basel 3.3 theme

Hello, I am designing my online store with the Basel 3.3 theme, but it is giving me problems, I have spoken with the author but the problem is not resolved, in this case, I want to create pages, it allows me to create them but not design them. This person sends me videos on how to do it, but there is a lack of options on the subject to be able to carry it out
As on the contact page, it does not accept the coordinates entered for my store to appear on Google Maps, the message it gives me is the following: “This page has not loaded Google Maps correctly. Discover the technical details of the problem in JavaScript console”.
thank you

As the item author is responsible with the support requests and if you’re unable to perform the changes, what I can offer is a bug/issue fix job ( paid job ) if you’re interested in, otherwise, you will have to find a solution on your own. It’s beyond of helping.