problem using unero theme

Hello. I’m using Unero theme and want to use the ‘full width home’ demo data. I tried to import a couple of other home demo data and it worked. But if I import full width home demo, the home page wouldn’t look like the demo page at all. I might have missed some plug-ins for the demo. If I could import the demo properly it would be perfect. But at least one thing I want know is what is the sorting and filter function in the middle of the full width demo page.

All Accessories Bags Decoration Furnitures Filters

I really want to use this sorting and filtering function.
Please somebody help me to sort out this problem.

Thank you.

You should contact the theme author for support

OK, I contacted the auther. Thank you for the adivice.

Hi, could you tell me whats the solution? Got the same problem.