Problem uploading my first song: only wav file succeed

I successfully uploaded the main file, in the first space as a wav file, then when I tried to choose the mp3 and zip dfiles, in the lower spaces, I only found the wav file I uploaded yet, as choice. even double and right clicking, or dragging the files on the space did not results: where am I doing wrong, maybe it is my browser failing (microsoft edge).
any help appreciated. thank u.

Have you tried with a different browser?

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Your wav file must be in zip folder or as zip file. So… 3 files must be set: zip file (lower), mp3 file(middle) and picture jpg/png (highest). As you uploaded those files put it in correct lines. That’s it.

I did that bro, i think its a browser problem, i will try. Thank u

Try to clean temporary files. Good luck!

Thanks for the tip Turpak, u mean temp files of the browser? Could u tell me the path? Im useing windows edge. Thanks however. Peace

Try to use Ccleaner or another softwere with this function. (360 total security also has it)

i know CCleaner, I deleted temp files, and i tried 3 browsers, tried also the ftp client but it s a hell for a noob like me, simply trying from another pc next time, thanks for your time.
strange it simply doesnt show me the choosable files, or a navigation tab…never went in something like this.

Oh, i had a brain fart, i didnt upload all in the main upload Space. Thanx all.