Problem updating Brooks Theme by Iondigital for WordPress

I have purchased the Brooks Theme for WordPress on September 5th and updated with one of the updates available for the theme. Though the site I develop with this theme was configured and working well with the original version, I saw after the update that it does not work correctly especially with the Header portion (Logo, Menu etc.). The Logo is shifted to extreme left, Menu to extreme right and the Menu does not become Responsive.

A search on the Page Source (elements) revealed that the main.min.css is loaded directly from the URL “” instead of my site’s Theme folder.

Looking at the Source (PHP), I could see in the register_assets.php (includes/register_assets.php) that the line for referencing the main.min.css from the Local Folder has been commented and the line that references the CSS file from “” is enabled.

This must have been done by the theme developers during the testing phase and forgot to uncomment the local one.

I assume those who have updated with the updates of the them would have faced similar problem. In case some one has faced similar issues, please Uncomment Line No: 117 and Comment the Line No: 118 in the “register_assets.php” for getting things work back to normal.