Problem to approve plugin and script

Hello, everyone

I sent two products to Codecanyon, but the pair was not approved.

The first product was a WordPress plugin we tried to write using the most popular boilerplate to comply with Codecanyon rules. The second product was a script implemented with Laravel and Laravel standards.

We used the Chat-GPT API in both products, but neither was approved.

My question is, how can we understand the problem of our work? Considering that, I don’t think there is any problem with using the API interface.

I appreciate your assistance in advance

I don’t think Envato is looking for AI scripts anymore. The issue has been already discussed ( I have replied few of them already ) You can just search the forum for the details.

So why are there several plugins and scripts in this field in Codecanyon right now?

I think they are not interested to add more items now. :smiley:
Its like waste of time, they rejected my 4-5 items without any explanation.
I just wasted my 6 months in developing Add-on Scripts, they rejected without checking even a demo.
I have experience of uploading items on Codecanyon, and generally they should not reject the Add-ons, but still they just rejecting rejecting and rejecting.

Exactly. There’re items already in the marketplace and your script is not offering something new but just for the same thing

stop saying that, they still approve new chatGPT items every weeks, how can you explain that?

Is it the basic integration with no additonal features?

In order to understand the problems of my work, I even bought a plugin and a Laravel script that is currently available. The Laravel script has been confirmed to have not followed any of Laravel’s structures, and in many cases, without using Laravel, he has written the code entirely with PHP Pure. I really don’t understand and I think this policy of Envato, which does not explain the main reason for not confirming, is not a good policy. The developer works hard and does not get a clear answer even in the forums.

Its true, it is looking like wastage of time, because now a days, they rejects all scripts. Even not checking the demo. It seems they bulk Hard reject it.

Do you mean they reject every script? Or special topics like AI?

My script is also Hard rejected based on topic OpenAI

They rejects every script. You can check only 1 or 2 PHP scripts in a day is approved.
Even my scripts was rejected many times, even after added many scripts in envato.