Problem RevSlider & WP Total Cache


i am using revolution slider and wp total cache on the following site:

WP Total Cache destroy the silders when minify is activated. How I can fix the problem?



It is not so easy, as the issue is not with the minify but with the script placement as It changes rotation

Sometimes it happens. Simply revert the changes. Dont minfy.

Why not minify?
the issue is not in the minify, it how it generates the string of the minify file.
It is fixable, if you do not know how, then please do not share replies that are not into the point.

Have you checked the minifyed file yourself? I have used this plugin on so many websites. Its good for Browser Cashing but not for minifying.

I am earning about 2.500$ / month by doing WordPress Optimisations and I have also coded a Cache plugin as a Team Leader, so be sure I do know what I am talking about :slight_smile:

Okay Team Leader if you can solve this problem why dont you help him out instead of sharing replies that are not the point? I just suggested him what I thought would be easy for him to do.

To solve his problem, he has to reply.