Problem paying amount with Student email.

I have two plans in front of me. One is of $23/m, another is of $11.50/m. What is the difference.
Is the difference is of paying the money altogether?
In $23, the payment is one time.
In $11.50/m, the payment $138 of the whole complete year will be deducted at once? If yes, then how can I stop subscription at any point, which is written on the website “CANCEL ANY TIME”?
Thank you.

The cheaper $11 option is an equivalent monthly cost BUT you pay the full year ($138) in one go. You can cancels but one but your would not get refunded and will remain with access for the rest of the year.

The $23 option is month by month payment when you can cancel anytime and access and payments will stop at the end of that monthly period.

Remember that if you do not actively cancel your subscription then it will renew automatically regardless of what plan you are on

Thank you for your response. I got all your points.
My final query is I have taken $23 Envato Elements subscription. But I am still unable to download Stock footage from VideoHive. Why?

Elements and videohive (or themeforest, graphicriver etc) are not the same thing

The subscription is only for items on elements and not the main marketplaces.

Some files will be on only one, some will be on both.

Now can I revoke the subscription. Coz I want to download some stock footage. Seriously Envato sucks. Things are very complex for the customers like us. Once they use name Envato in Videohive things. They say to include all the assests in 1-subscription. I am not gonna use Envato again in my life.

There are thousands of stock videos on elements too

FYI you can’t stockpile items - you have to have an active subscription when completing a project using video from elements.

If it’s still not right then you can ask support about refunds Envato Elements Help and Support

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