Problem logging into a Drupal site created from a theme package

I have recently downloaded the Megalands theme from Gavias Themes for Drupal. The package includes a so-called “fresh installation”, which includes not only the themes and modules but also a database so that you can start working on the website iterating from an existing set-up instead of doing it all from scratch.

I have problem logging into the site as admin after setting up the site. Getting an error “Not found. The requested URL /user was not found on this server.” Is there anyone who could hint me towards a solution to this problem that is preventing me from moving forward with setting up my first Drupal website.

Background information of my system:

  • Mac OS X

  • Acquia Dev Desktop 2

I have done the following steps:

  1. Downloaded the theme package from Envato Elements

  2. Extracted the package.

  3. Copied contents of fresh-installation/demo into the site folder /Users/[my-username]/Sites/devdesktop/mysite

  4. Used Acquia Dev Desktop to import local Drupal site:

Local codebase folder: /Users/[my-username]/Sites/devdesktop/mysite

Local site name: mystic

Local site URL: http://mysite.dd:8083

Use PHP: 7.2.18

Database: Start with my SQL database dump file

Dump file: fresh-installation/database.sql (from the theme package)

New database name: mysite

  1. In order to prevent problems arising because of permissions, changed rights of /Users/[my-username]/Sites/devdesktop/mysite folder to

[my-username]: Read & Write

Staff: Read & Write

Everyone: Read & Write

  1. Went to http://mysite.dd:8083 —> The Drupal profile installation window does not open, but instead, goes directly to the local site as a visitor. Site seems to be working fine with the demo set up in place.

  2. Went to http://mysite.dd:8083/user to log in as admin —> PROBLEM! Getting the following error: “Not found. The requested URL /user was not found on this server.” Tried also /?q=user which takes me to the demo site front page as a visitor.

Please help me: How can I log into the site as admin to start editing the site?