Problem logging in to Impact Radius

Hi guys,

When I go to ( website and click on Sign in button in the top right corner, it takes me to a new tab but it only displays the impact’s logo and no fields where I could type the username or password (see image below). I am using Chrome browser.

I tried to log in using my phone (on Chrome), same thing. I have also tried to use Opera browser, it was working for a few weeks but today, after I type in my username and password and press enter, it opens a new page with an error:

405 Request method ‘GET’ not supported
Server: 'httpd’

Please help! How am I supposed to check my progress, earnings…? Did anyone have the same problem?

The login page ( is working fine for me in Chrome. Maybe try clearing your browser cache/etc and try agin?

Thank you for a quick answer @WPExplorer. I tried to clear the cache, no luck. But it works in Opera again.

Well, at least you’re in :slight_smile: it could be a cookie, an extension you have installed or a bug with their platform - hopefully you’ll be able to use chrome again at some point

Thanks @WPExplorer
@vasaki Are you now able to log in to your Radius account?

Solved. I found out it was extensions I installed in Chrome. Thank you.

Yes. I found out it was extensions I installed in Chrome. Thank you.

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Hi I have the same problem with all browsers. Can you elaborate which extension you removed?
Thank, Andreas