Problem in verifing country.

Hello everyone,
I’m new here. I’ve opened this account yesterday. But I’m having problem verifying my country every time I select my country, agree on terms and condition and click “All good, let’s go” the page reload again and again.
Please help. TIA


Check anyway, if you country is accepted or not.


I am from Bangladesh. I’ve selected my country. But after loading page, the result is absurd. Is this country not accepted?

To my knowledge, all countries are accepted.
Did you try to put another country? You can edit your country on your profile.


I tried using other countries. But result is same.

You still have access to your account?

Try contacting envato support. I do not see how I can help you :confused:

Contact Envato Support


Yes. still I have access to your account

What is the link your account?

Yes. still I have access to my account

I am unable to get the link because of country verification page

Try using a different search browser, otherwise contact the envato support.


I’ve tried from two other browsers. But failed.


I don’t know of or could be the problem, I am very sorry.

To correct a bit: no, not all countries are accepted. Some are banned.

It’s ok dude