problem in the system to send videos?

I did my registration as an author, I want to send videos, but for more than 1 day I click on the option to send and it already opens a screen with error, is it just me with this problem?


Thank you

Please try with clear browser cache or try with different browser. Still problem please Contact Support. They will be very happy to assist you.

Thanks for the tips, I already tried with Safari / Firefox / Chrome, in all the same error, I have already opened a call to the team, but as they are slow to respond I decided to ask the forum if anyone has the same problem.

If it helps, I was having the same issues after joining and I got a quick reply from the support team. Here’s the reply.

Portfolio Review Required
To request access to upload stock footage and motion graphics items, you must submit a portfolio. This portfolio should show your ability to meet the technical, quality, and integrity requirements for these item types and also be of subjects that are likely to be relevant to potential customers.

To submit a portfolio, please fill in this form.

Once you have submitted a portfolio, our team will review the items and make a decision. You will be emailed with the results of the portfolio review and if approved, the ability to upload will be assigned to your author account.

You can only submit one portfolio for review in any six month period for each category. If you are not successful with your portfolio review you must wait six months before you can submit a new portfolio for review.

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