Problem in Submission

I am unable to approve my HTML template I have some questions please answer all the questions and don’t send me huge articles to read because I can’t find the actual reason why my item is rejected a second time.

Question 1: Can I share template files with any moderator so you can check and tell me my mistakes?
Question 2: I have to code for regular and extended license means (no one can use my HTML template after 6 months customer have to pay for support or extend his license)?
Question 3: After rejection, i can upload the item again after correction?

Please tell me I want to work on Themeforest LIFETIME.

  1. You can share the demo here in the forums to get feedback

  2. The license makes no difference to the item. Extended is simply about how the item is used. Items are also not restricted to any time frame, nor do they require renewal or ongoing payments.

  3. It depends. If it’s soft rejected then yes you can. If it’s hard rejected then you cannot unless you have made significant improves and/or updates (to the point it is almost like a new item).

All files are available in this link
1: Thumbnail
2: Cover Picture
3: Template Files & Documentation

This is the description of gatuso - app landing page template

Gatuso is a free app landing page template with a modern and clean design. A free handy tool for showcasing your mobile and web applications and increasing the number of your app downloads. This website template will make your page stand out from the crowd and create a great first impression from site visitors. In addition to Gatuso’s great-looking design, it also comes with the following features: a fullscreen hero banner with subtle text animations, a MailChimp signup form, a details section where you can tell more about your app and product, social links, download and contact information. On top of that, the template is built with a clean, organized, well-commented code that makes it easy to modify and customize. In short, Gatuso is the perfect tool for crafting a stunning online presence for your application and taking it to new heights.

Please check and tell me what mistakes i am doing :slight_smile:

You need to share a working/hosted version its not wise or safe to be sharing folders of files from repositories like this

this is the link

This is far too basic for envato.

In terms of design and execution - there are issues with typography, spacing and hierarchy

Bigger problem is that there’s nothing premium that could not very easily be found, with respect, for free online and with more to offer.

You need to be thinking about (esp. if working on a landing page design) multiple layouts, colours, designs, new sections, unique features, focus on different app themes e.g. food, social ,networking et.c and offer each independently etc.

Do you mean a one-page template is not allowed ? there are many issues with typography, spacing, and hierarchy on other templates and some of them are broken. I can show you if you want then why my template is not approved.

and many other tempates are too basic as compared to my template. I am unable to find the actual reason why my item is rejected.

There are. There are also thousands of much better standard.

With respect, this, and comparing yourself to other items is single handedly the worst attitude you can have if you want to submit here.

One page is fine, but that does not mean that you can get away without more premium features, versatility, options that warrant people paying for it. You cannot expect people to pay for things that they can find for free online.

Ok Charlie thanks for your precious time

In fact, this is even worse, based on a simple Google search.

You cannot submit freebie templates that you did not create. This is a complete waste of your own time, and disrespectful to reviewers and other authors.

Yet, your other thread asks about exclusivity conditions?!

It will result in your account being banned.

Yes, I understand these types of templates are available for free even premium themes are also available for free that’s not the issue my team will develop templates as you said but this template is created by my team members it’s not an edited or another company asset that we’re using can you please tell me how did you know this template is someone’s asset. Give me any proof so i can fire my employee.