Problem in installing JobicaTheme


I have problem in setting the Jobica Theme.

  1. There is no file in the downloads given .
  2. In Jobica-> Quick setup -> Import Demo Tab . I dont get
    Import Post
    Import Nav Menu
    Import Comment

Option to check them .
There is revslider in plugins, I tried that but still that options did not come .
3) Header Logo is not being modified , even after uploading the image in media
4) The update provided for Jobica ,Crashed the theme which came after installing Demo Jobica . As Followed from the documentation .
Pls Solve the issue faced in installing the theme Jobics


Please contact your purchased theme Author through Item Support page and let them know. your purchased theme Author will assist you.


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This is the message shown there Presently

To login/register to post in the forum it is not working. Its asking for captcha, which is not given in Register or Login

Please post a comments in the theme commnets page and let them know.