Problem I think that my item sell .psd is rejected :(


Hi to all:

I speak with support, he say some my email.


My name is Chris from the Help Team and I will be assisting you today.

We apologize if you have not yet received an update from our Quality Team about your file, we receive a high number of file submissions.

I confirmed in your profile the update on your submitted items and we’re sorry to hear about the recent rejection of your items. We know that this can be disappointing, and we’re very happy to hear that you’re taking the time to revise/improve your work.

While we are unable to provide any further feedback, an alternative way to get feedback before submitting it again is to post a screenshot or link on the AudioJungle forums ( There are many talented and helpful community members who can likely give valuable feedback to you.

You should also check out this article

You can re-submit your items as long as you have made a significant number of changes. The number of changes required to the design and features of the item, will mean it’s considered to be a completely new item and entirely distinguishable from the first upload.

Resubmitting without making any changes or any improvements is not considered acceptable use of Envato Market and repeated attempts may result in revoked upload rights.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Thank you.

My design is too basic I think, demo

I need sell my .psd because I not have a work. I don’t can sell audiojungle why I’m deaf.