Problem exporting/importing theme translation (Akira, not tested with other)

Hi everyone,

I have a big problem exporting/importing theme translation (Akira 2.4.0).
I have two prestashop installed, one in /www and the other in /dev.
My goal is to be able to copy/paste the translated files from one to the other (basic thing).
Once the theme is translated in /dev (/app/Resources/[lang]/*.xlf), I save the files by doing an export and get 5 or 6 files.
When I want to copy them to /www, I notice that the file sizes are identical! As if the translations were written elsewhere!
I noticed this problem when I was using Akira’s child theme, so I tested with just the parent theme and this time the files are different (but the translated files are smaller than the untranslated ones!).
I still copy the files, empty the cache, recompile and the same, no translation… everything has to be redone :frowning:

Does anyone have an idea of this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, Please can you go to ask item support section. Then author support team help you.

OK, where is support section please ?

OK, where is support section please ?

Please can you follow below link.