Pro Tools Scrolling BUG

Hey Pro Tools Users,

I bought a new IMAC (i7, 4,2 Ghz, 32 GB Ram, 2 TB Fusion Drive) Software: 10.12.6.
I updated Pro Tools to 12.8.2 but I still have the problem that in Midi Editor Mode, scrolling right / left with the mouse don’t stops any more.
Once I scroll right / left it goes on for a long time.
Could someone help me?
On my old IMAC everything works fine!(

Thanks in advance


Hi Justus

Everything is fine here, OSX 10.11.6, Pro Tools 12.8.2.
Did you try to contact Avid support?

Thanks for answering GreenWindow! :slight_smile:
Do you also have a Fusion Drive?
In some forums I read that this could be the problem!?
Pro Tools support costs 60 dollars / call. So crazy :confused:

Yes, I have a Fusion Drive + some external drives, no problem in the both Yosemite and El Capitan.

Yeah… Avid more crazy year after year… it sucks.
Try to open a case from the Avid website? Sometimes they answer back. I made two screenshots for you.