PRO for Ukrainian composers - which one to use?

Hey there! :wave:
I am AJ author from Ukraine. :ukraine:
Lately been interested in registering music in PRO.
I am wandering - are here authors/composers from Ukraine registering music in PROs?
Which PRO do You use? Are there any restrictions of using “foreign” PROs (like ASCAP, BMI, etc.)?

I have read the topic about registering music in PRO written by @redoctopus but didn’t quite understand the system of how the royalties go from PRO to the author. :disappointed_relieved:
IF the author is not from the country the PRO is situated/registered and wants to join that PRO (i.e. an author from Ukraine - me - joining ASCAP - PRO in US) - does that “foreign” PRO connects/collaborates with the authors “native” PRO? Or the country of residence of an author/composer has nothing to do with that?
And if there are some hidden things to know about using “foreign” PROs - I would really appreciate some experienced authors to join here and share the info. I think it will be really helpful not only for me :slightly_smiling_face:.

It is simple. Go to ASCAP/BMI. They cooperate with most of PROs all around the world.

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Hello there and big thanks for your answer! :wink: :point_up:
So at the end of the day - with whom will the author be connected to (financially and legally) - local PRO or the one that he/she has registered music with?
Or in such case with both?

It’s quite obvious. You are connected with the one you are registered with.

Agree. But still I was not sure about that)
All the laws and rules and commitments in these area seemed to be quite a mystery for me…at list for now. Well I guess You don’t know the situation until You get into one.
Anyways - thanks a lot for Your time and attention to this post. :wink:

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