PRO Feedback needed for my first work.

Hi Folks,

i created a E-Commerce Template for Camping/Outdoor/Sports.
Before finishing the Template, i could need some professional Feedback.


Thanks in advance!


This is not a professional Feedback
Nice work but doesn’t look outdated a little and needs more features ? I’m wondering !!

Thank you for your Feedback.
I’ll think about that…

Using gradient colors on top menu and footer looks outdated !

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@noomax Nice start but unfortunately it is not upto the marketplace standards. You need to travel miles before you get your designs approved on TF as they are very strict about aesthetics. You start is good but it still need a lot of work on typography, margin/padding and images. Spend some time on TF community and study some top rated approved design for improvement. Best of luck.


^ +1 , typo spacings etc … basics aesthethics needs improovements.