Private sociale theme

I am surching for a theme to setup a sociale site that lets you make your own private page where you can upload picks, videos even music. You can invite other users if you want and make a post but that will be mainley for information than to share. It’s not set up as a community. The memberpage wil always be private unless you invite someone. Does anyone know a theme like this or one that i can start with on the basics like making a page and filling it with a header picture, massages and music.

I think for this type of requirements you have to go with a theme and plugins combination. You can check this theme:

I will surtainly have a look there.
Thank you!

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I think you need some thing custom made.
Let me know.
I can help you with that

I found two that fit the bill of wich one has a music player. So to be fair it’s one. I still need to find more then that and think that there must me more to choose from. Can anybody give me directions. I have been searching quite some time now. The theme must be adebtable to every new member on there own free page. In time the theme will be altert to fit in ads and other new features.


I might be, but for now i have to start with a close to fitting the bill theme. But to be curious, what will be the cost? Thanks.

Cost will not be the problem But the demands will be only fulfil on custom

Ok. I will keep on searching. Thank you.

ok thanks
let me know if you have change your mind